Get a fresh perspective

Whether you are launching a new title or just want a to freshen up your catalog’s creative, CDS can help. We have helped catalogers uncover hidden obstacles in their sales path, found amazing stories that skyrocketed demand, and helped struggling creative departments get their mojo back. Sometimes success is right there, you just need a fresh perspective to see it.

Catalog Critiques

CDS offers a critique of your catalog that looks at: branding, key selling propositions, top product utilization, copy effectiveness, photography, pagination, headlines and more. We review your catalog, look at your sales data, discuss what your goals are and then deliver a written critique with actionable recommendations on creative, copy, photography and pagination. If you’re not happy with your catalog’s performance, or just think a fresh set of eyes are needed to see past the status quo, catalog critiques are affordable and effective. The standard critique is $2,000. Call for pricing on catalogs over 100 pages.


Catalog Design Studios has worked with many in-house teams to help them tighten up their creative and copy. We can work virtually, via video chat, or in person. We find that often creative teams are just in a rut and with a little mentoring they can get back on track. Newer catalogs, or those with an inexperienced staff, will find this particularly helpful.

Give us a call. We can help you gain a fresh perspective, provide effective, actionable advice and help you capitalize on opportunities you may be missing.

“Thanks to you, we have managed to revitalise our mail order business.  The response has been phenomenal!”

Michael Tuohy
Director of Marketing, Communications and PR
Volpes Fine Linens, South Africa



“Thought you all would like to see this comment that came directly from one of our customers today.

‘Lovely catalog!  Your catalog keeps me ordering from you every year!  All the other ham catalog companies can not compare to your prices, display photos, and exceptional customer service.  Thank you!’”

RB Klinkenberg,
Harrington’s of Vermont